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Frequently asked

​The consultation will analyse exactly what your fitness goals are, what your exercise history is, what you like and dislike about exercising, and much more. I will measure key physical statistics either in the first couple of sessions or in your consultation. Measurements include resting heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, tape measurements and height & weight. This process may sound a little daunting but they really are quite simple and un-intrusive, and you may opt out should you not feel completely comfortable with this. These results will allow me to monitor progress at certain times throughout your programme and adapt any aspect of training or nutrition that may be required.
Wherever is most convenient for you! I train clients in their own home, whether that's in a room with some space, an outhouse or garden, as well as outdoors/in the park, and even a clients place of work. I have all the equipment for mobile training and only require a relatively small space to achieve a great workout.
​No you won't. If you have something planned during our training period such as a holiday, then we will just pick back up from where we left off once you return. These packages are best completed in the time frame they have been designed for, but are also still effective with a short break in between if required.
No! If you don't have any experience of going to the gym or exercising at all then don't worry. It does help if you have at least some experience so that you have an idea of what training is about, but if not, then I'll just take a bit more time explaining the exercise techniques and we'll take it easier to begin with.
Yes you can. If you are looking to buy some sessions, maybe as a gift for someone, then all you have to do is get in touch with me and we can make the arrangements for what you want from there.
I take confidentiality seriously, and I will not disclose any information on your sessions with me or your personal details on my website or other media without your full permission, even if your training with me has come to an end.​

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